The Design to Improve Life Investment Tool Kit focuses on students, educators in secondary education and universities, as well as decision makers, and equips them with the knowledge and skills required to design, as well as support innovative solutions for a better future.

The Tool Kit comprises of valuable information, learning experiences and techniques derived from our extensive collaboration with designers and investors from around the world. It is designed to be a highly engaging an informative resource, allowing participants to truly grasp what it is to design to improve life and how it can be implemented for long-lasting positive impact.

The Design to Improve Life Education program puts sustainable innovation and structured creativity on the learning agenda. Today, the material from the program is applied in a number of school systems and cities all over the world.

Through Design to Improve Life Education, students, educators and decision makers receive in-depth knowledge on how to work in innovative organisations, as well as a toolbox of valuable techniques regarding innovation processes.

While we have already seen millions of lives improved through design, we have identified one key challenge when it comes to achieving broad success and distribution of these life-improving solutions. Through years of experience it has become clear that design entrepreneurs and young sustainability pioneers generally consider themselves detached from the world of money and investment. In addition, investors can also lack an understanding of the vision, business models and organizational models that drive today’s young entrepreneurs.

To address this issue, our mission is to strengthen our education material by adding a supplement on how future design entrepreneurs can work with impact investors in ensuring their Design to Improve Life ideas succeed on the market.

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