Bitcoin has revolutionised the world of banking, empowering millions around the globe with the freedom to digitally move money and access a wide range of goods and services previously unavailable. This great technology has also opened a new door for charitable giving, and now people anywhere in the world can improve the lives of others through this simple yet amazing invention. 

CommonCollection is one of the great solutions inspired by the innovation of Bitcoin. The philanthropic initiative is a decentralised form of digital payment that puts the power back in the users’ hands rather than being dependent on a bank. On CommonCollection, anyone, anywhere can give or receive financial support for a good deed or a service. Thorkild Grothe-Møller, CEO and Co-Founder of CommonCollection explained the motivation behind the project and their next steps within the coming years.

What inspired you to found Common Collection?
“A strong belief in human goodwill and unutilised human potential brought the team behind CommonCollection to see an opportunity for using the Internet for global peer-to-peer giving. We then started to create what we call a frame of hope in a world of dire needs.”

What’s the best part of working with the initiative?
“Recently, being part of the Texas Bitcoin Conference 2015 as a speaker on ‘How CommonCollection and Bitcoin Can Better the World’ and part of the panel discussion Bitcoin as a Force for Good, was great sharing of how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can do much good in the world being integrated in the design of CommonCollection.”

“The happiness, sense of meaning and deep satisfaction by adding personal creativity and engagement in a time of great needs and extraordinary possibilities using the Internet is fuel for us at CommonCollection.”

What are you plans for the coming years, and what would your next step be if CommonCollection was named an INDEX: Award winner?
“Through Bitcoin, CommonCollection within the next 10 years will be taking charity to a new level. Utilising the best in people and the Internet, connecting people directly person-to-person to give and get help, share, collaborate and form collective actions taking advantage of individual talents, knowledge, creativity and visions in working for a way of living on the planet that is sustainable responsible and socially aware. The team at CommonCollection would use the award sum to develop an enhanced version of the website with a focus on convenience and close integration to mobile payment solutions globally. Very importantly, the award sum would further more be used to boost and help spread the knowledge of Bitcoin and CommonCollection globally to receivers in need and to individual as well as CSR related givers. The marketing department – our highly skilled volunteers – at CommonCollection would be producing videos to be uploaded regularly on CommonCollection’s social media outlets.”

Want to know more about CommonCollection? Check out the video here.


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