INDEX: Design to Improve Life


of the INDEX:Award Exhibition as proof of “a match well-made,” referring to Singapore’s status as INDEX:Partner City.

Why are you attending the opening of INDEX: Award Exhibition in Singapore?
I’ve been involved in this event from the beginning, since we signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Denmark and Singapore last year (establishing Singapore as the inaugural Partner City to INDEX: Design to Improve Life®).  A key deliberative of this common agreement was to bring INDEX: here to Singapore as a Partner City. I’m therefore pleased to be here today to celebrate the opening event. It’s a wonderful and very important thing to have the exhibition here in Singapore.

Why is it an important event?
Both Denmark and Singapore pretty much have the same size populations.  Obviously there’s a huge difference between tiny Singapore where we’re all cramped together and the more spacious Denmark. But I think that when small, wealthy countries with a high level of education get together, very interesting things happen. We don’t get the same spark working with larger countries, because they simply don’t need us. I think that with Denmark, we have an opportunity to build a very strong bond that we both can benefit from and work toward achieving common goals.

What do you find interesting about INDEX:?
What’s fascinating to me is how INDEX: has taken resources of what is a luxury-goods industry and applied them to Design to Improve Life, and I think this is changing the perception of design from an aesthetic function to one that addresses very real problems. This movement really shows in the INDEX: exhibition.

Do you have a favorite design?
That’s very difficult for me to answer because I still haven’t seen all the designs that you have brought here to Singapore. But I do like the designs that are concerned with improving basic healthcare for people all over the world such as the Freeplay Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and the Childbirth Assistant for deliveries outside hospitals.

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