Children participating in the Aarhus 2017 Design to Improve Life Challenge have officially submitted their designs, and what an amazing outcome!

To address the first challenge Climate Adaptation – a focus on water’, we have now received 53 designs from a number of schools throughout Mid-Jutland. Click here to browse the collection.

To see these great solutions take form, last week our Head of Press, Lars Bøgeskov, visited three schools in the region including Saksild Skole, Ellevangskolen, and Nim Skole. It was clear that students were very enthusiastic throughout the process, but designing a solution required plenty of hard work and was no easy task.

“We have found all sorts of wild solutions. I have become better at using my imagination.” – Josephine BuchHoldt, Student.

“The teaching in the project week was momentous. The students have learned many practical things about water, climate, and sewage systems, but in particular, a new innovative working method that they can use in all subjects in the future – this was a very important benefit.” – Rasmus Clausen, Teacher.

Overall each project is a highly unique and promising design, students appeared to have no troubles with finding creative strategies to address a number challenges related to water.

“It went well with the ideas, but painting, drawing and building was the most fun. ” – Roa Højgaard, Student.

The shortlisted projects to participate in the battle will be announced after September 27th. Good luck to all the schools and we look forward to the battle on October 8th!

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