The solutions have been received for the third and final Aarhus 2017 Design to Improve Life Challenge. Now, preparations are in full swing for next week’s big finale – our Good News Show for Kids!

This year, the Aarhus 2017 Design to Improve Life Challenge is based on food and food production – a topic that many people – particularly kids – know very little about, according to numerous studies. To address this issue, students were asked to design solutions to make it easier for us to find out how food ends up on our plates and how it impacts our health and environment. The solutions range from VR programmes and food labelling apps to school-run farms and educational playgrounds. See all the solutions here.

The finale, involving more than 750 kids and teachers, will take place at Spektrum, Odder, on April 28th. On the day, the finalists and winners will be revealed, and a full news show will be hosted by renowned Danish journalists Steffen Kretz and Lillian Gjerulf Kretz, as well as TV personality Camilla Ottesen.

The show, which celebrates children’s creativity, will cover a vast range of ‘good news’ related to the three topics covered in the Aarhus 2017 Design to Improve Life Challenges, including water problems in connection with climate change, CO2 emissions from transport, and the public disconnection to food origins and production.

The finale will also feature a range of highlights from the three-year-long educational initiative, which has involved over 1,000 students from nine municipalities in the Central Denmark Region. The initiative has successfully helped students to design solutions for their own local towns and cities, as part of Aarhus’ large-scale plan, Kulturby Aarhus 2017, to transform the entire region into a cultural hub for innovation.

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