The world’s busiest bike path is in Copenhagen

According to the Technical and Environment Committee of Copenhagen, the Queen Louise Bridge – located in the the Danish capital’s northern borough – holds the world record of daily passing cyclists with a staggering number of 36.000 people (!) crossing the bridge every day between 7AM and 5PM. That is truly Design to Improve Life!

In key Copenhagen locations, electric bicycle counters have been set up in the past years to collect data from one of the world’s most active cyclist populations. According to the Cyclist Embassy of Denmark, 36% of all Danish adults ride a bike to work, and 45% of all Danish school children ride their bikes to school, so there is definitely some cyclists to count!

“Copenhagen is already known as a cyclist city out in the world, and this result only strengthens that image even more”, says Signe Goldman as member of the Technical & Environmental Committee of Copenhagen to Politiken Newspaper.

She is backed by Michael Collville-Andersen from the organization Copenhagenize who’s aim is to make life easier for cyclists in Copenhagen and the rest of the world: “It is a good sign that we are among the top cyclist cities, and that we now have a very visible spot that so many people cycle past every day”, he says to Politiken. The 36.000 number has been sent to The Guinness Book of World Records where the city now hopes that this 2-wheel world record will be acknowledged.

However, despite the cheerful result, Signe Goldman displays only moderate joy and says: “The city of Copenhagen is battling the fact that a lot of people still prefer the car – a fact that generates harmful CO2-emissions and bothersom noise pollution”.

Therefore, it is a long way before Copenhagen can actually be considered the best cyclist city in the world. A situation currently addressed in Copenhagen’s recently published vision of the future, in which the aim of the city is to be completely carbon neutral in the 2025.


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