Click and Grow – high technology meets simple houseplants

Don’t have any gardening know-how? No worries! Click & Grow will do the work for you using the same aeroponic methods used by NASA to grow greenery in space. This easy-to-use electronic smartpot grows plants without watering and fertilizing.

Did you know that every year a staggering 20 billion Euros worth of houseplants are trashed simply because they’re just not cared for properly? Shocking, we know, but haven’t we all been there? After sifting through your recipe book, you get the overly ambitious notion to grow your own basil and other herbs – convincing yourself that maybe you do have a green thumb after all. Days (or maybe mere moments) later your gardening initiative has taken a backseat, while your life takes over, and all your left with are neglected dried-up terracotta pots.

Don’t fret though; good news is here! Click & Grow has successfully reached its funding goal 3 days ago on Kickstarter, meaning that you can get your very own fuss-free plant. Founder Mattias Lepp, has created a smart, self-watering flowering pot that is so foolproof, it enables children to grow their own mini-gardens. What is so “smart” about this smart herb garden you ask? Well, after 3 years of research and development, the backbone of the technology is the growth medium, a nanotech material engineered to supply plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at any time. It even has its own built in cutting edge lighting solution.

This technology makes Click & Grow one of the easiest indoor garden solutions on the market (we’re pretty convinced it’s the easiest). This set up is perfect for even the smallest of apartments! Available in several varieties, from chilies to strawberries, there are plants for every taste. All you need is 4 AA batteries, water to fill the reservoir (which only needs replacement every other month – don’t worry, the device is smart enough to signal when – absolutely no thinking required!), and an electrical socket. The cost of keeping this smart herb garden running is only $4-5 dollars annually!

In 1-2 weeks you could be the proud owner of some cute (living) sprouts of your very own! Not only are the plants beautiful, but also come to life quickly and can be a very useful addition to your home cooking!


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