Can design play a key role in solving environmental challenges? “Yes!” says Taiwan. 

This year we’ve had the ultimate privilege of helping the Taiwanese government, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), to develop their strategies for a greener Taiwan. How? By sharing our experiences from Denmark and introducing our tools for addressing environmental challenges.

Our partnership – dubbed the Environmental Education (EE) program – has specifically involved teaching more than 200 teachers and rangers, from all over Taiwan, how to use our certified Design to Improve Life Education methods. This knowledge will then be used to implement local EE programs in schools.

The introductory workshops were designed by program facilitators Lotte Stenlev and Lotte Haag Borg, who earlier this year attended a field trip to Taiwan to research how local sites conduct environmental education.

“It’s clear that Taiwan and Denmark have a lot in common,” explained Stenlev. “Some of the most obvious issues are the lack of natural resources and the need for innovative citizens to ensure growth.

“There’s also a clear desire to develop a self-sufficient and sustainable society that works to address challenges like climate change, endangered wildlife, air pollution, demographic changes and food supply.”

During the workshops, run earlier this month, participants were guided through the Design to Improve Life Compass to develop new solutions to address the pressing challenge of air pollution.

The workshops were a huge success with participants displaying a clear understanding of our methods, as well as a strong enthusiasm for adopting new ways to boost the nation’s sustainable development.

“Our tools are easy to implement and the participants found them very useful,” said Stenlev. “But the big challenge will be getting these ideas out of the classroom or office and into society. “There are lots of ways to get solutions implemented, but collaboration with local companies and decision makers is a good place to start.”

Taiwan Interviews 2016 (English Subtitles) from INDEX: Design to Improve Life® on Vimeo.


INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is now negotiating with the EPA to extend the reach of environmental education throughout Taiwan.

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