In our last official event over the weekend, the Design to Improve Life Education Update was a perfect wrap-up. Facilitated by a broad range of speakers, the day was full of inspiring ideas and projects all designed to support the next generation of change makers.

To give guests detailed insight into what’s happening in Design to Improve Life Education right now, the event included a wide variety of presentations covering each branch of our education initiative.

This year, speakers included INDEX: Design to Improve Life® staff; Lotte Stenlev (Education Director), Lesley Price (Media and Communications Consultant), Kigge Hvid (CEO), Lotte Borg (Education Development Lead), Mette Sindet Hansen (Strategy & Partnerships Director) and Account Director at Proske Group – Ana Karina Sepulveda.

Lotte Stenlev, opened the event to welcome guests, introduce the speakers and share her insight on ‘why education should focus on motivation’. We then heard from Lesley Price, who spoke about major trends in education observed in the 2015 award cycle.

“Science proves that three factors play an essential role in motivating people when it comes to solving complex tasks; autonomy – our innate  need to direct our own lives, mastery, not a specific skill, but the need to and joy of learning and creating new things, and purpose – to do better by ourselves and our world.” – Lotte Stenlev.

Moving onto the Design to Improve Life Education projects, Kigge Hvid presented an update about the Design to Improve Life Challenge, an initiative covering the entire mid-Jutland region that will allow students to play a role in designing their own solutions to a number of local challenges.

Presenting our second major education project was Lotte Borg, who shared the background and progress of Boost Helsingør (Boost – Innovativ skole i Helsingør). In cooperation with Professionshøjskolen Metropol and the Municipality of Helsingør, Boost will integrate a unique model of innovation and sustainability education into schools to almost 7,000 students. During this segment, participants also took part in a workshop, where they were required to create teams and come up with their own solutions when posed with local challenges.

Following the project updates, Mette Sindet Hansen then gave a presentation about Design to Improve Life Investment and how the programme will develop a new toolkit that will soon be introduced in schools along with the current material.

To close, Ana Karina Sepulveda spoke about skills and future challenges in education. Ms Sepulveda was a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum leading their Global Education Initiative for over three years.

The Design to Improve Life Compass is at the heart of almost all our education initiatives, check out the (Danish) video below for a full-break down, or for the information in English, click here.

Boost – Design To Improve Life Kompasset from INDEX: Design to Improve Life® on Vimeo.

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