Our education department plants more ‘design to improve life’ seeds across the pond.

Over the past few months, our education department has been back and forth from Denver, USA, to teach a series of courses at the College of Arts and MediaUniversity of Colorado.

The purpose of the courses were to train local educators, ranging from high school teachers to college professors, to use the Design to Improve Life methods and tools. The educators are now using these strategies in their teaching and will eventually receive certification as Design to Improve Life facilitators, which will allow them to train others.

Peter Stumpp, Adjunct Professor in Fine Arts at the University of Colorado, says the courses were an “inspiring and eye opening experience”. “The materials will be put to use and the skills we learned are already in action as I am planning now and further into the semester,” he said.

“I really do see the possibilities of how I can improve things and how I can get others to improve things around them too.”

These methods and tools are currently being used at the university to improve processes in all types of studies including visual communication, film, theatre, advertising and industrial design. Teachers are also using the techniques to empower local high school children who are in need of additional support.

In November, the educators will submit their final assignments to receive their official certification. Next year, Design to Improve Life Education will also collaborate with these course participants to write an American version of the Teachers Guide for college teachers.

“We’ve learned a lot from these highly skilled teachers in the field between design and fine art and we can’t wait to work with them again!” said Design to Improve Life Education Director, Lotte Stenlev.

Interested in hosting a Design to Improve Life workshop? Click here to learn more.

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