It’s no secret that scientists and experts often hit the wall when attempting to create behavioural change among policymakers and the general population based on their findings.

Reasons are many, often conflicting and complex. People lack trust, they disregard science in favour of religious or cultural beliefs, or they do care but refrain from acting.

Regardless, the struggle is real, and despite systemic change being somewhat the obvious answer, we should think about other, and less tedious, approaches to bridge the gap between the lab and everyday life.

One way could be to simply improve the way scientific work is communicated.

The Leading Strand sets out to do just that by pairing up designers and scientists with the objective of making scientific work more accessible and less fuzzy to the general population though visually communicative experiences.

The short film below is one of five collaborations between designers and neuroscientists. Later this year a project between designers and researchers from the fields of physics, mathematics and biology will be launched.

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