You wake up, go to the kitchen, grab a glass of water, and select your favourite breakfast. Twenty seconds later, a dish with smoked sausages, crispy bacon, two fried eggs and warm, spicy beans is served – courtesy of the 3D printer in your kitchen.

As you are about to get dressed, you realise you have been wearing the same jeans and snickers for the last three days. You throw them in the fabric recycle bin – on top of your home 3D printer – select a new model of jeans and trainers, and twenty seconds later, voila! They are ready to go.

And it happens every time. Every time you 3D print something, you get goose bumps from the sizzling noise coming out of the machine as it transmutes nitrogen and oxygen into any matter.

We are all made of stars, you think to yourself.

You pack your gear, ask your A.I. for a transport pod, and off you go to your workshop, where you will spend the day doing what you love – painting.

When you feel satisfied with your work, you decide to go home. Twenty minutes into your walk, the sky turns grey and a heavy rain begins pouring down. No worries.

Luckily for you, the closest public 3D printer is just two hundred meters away. Now, you need a raincoat, but not just any. You ask your A.I. what was the name of that twentieth century actor that used to always wear those really nice raincoats.

“Humphrey Bogart” you hear the A.I. whispering in your mind.

Yes, that’s what you want. The A.I. hooks up with the public 3D printer, and twenty seconds later, well, twenty five seconds later, you are protected against water and looking like your favourite crime character.

You love this city. The city planning team came up with some amazing ideas and transferred them to the bots. And yet, after all this time, you are still in awe when thinking about the remarkable work the automatons did, and still do.

Finally home. As your go through the door, you begin smelling the banquet that awaits you. Fresh made pasta with pesto, with the exact same taste, texture and colour that your mother used to cook.

Ah, your mom.

Even though her VR memories are not complete – after all you had only one brush with her hairs for the uploading- it is still wonderful to be able to talk with her.

You unplug after two hours, ask your A.I. to sync the day’s memories, and finally go to bed, taking comfort knowing that tomorrow a new canvas will be painted.

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