As a teacher/educator, we invite you to join us in putting structured creativity on the learning agenda by combining process facilitation and didactic principles with ‘Design to Improve Life’. The overall goal is for you and your students to develop competencies in creating solutions to the real-life challenges that people are faced with in their lives. Challenges like food waste, clean water and climate change.

Design to Improve Life Education gives teachers and pedagogues the opportunity to create varied and goal-oriented frameworks that engage teaching processes across all subjects. Via the Design to Improve Life Compass, individual processes can be created and developed to make them correspond with specific interests, relevant issues and/or desired learning outcomes.

Teachers and pedagogues are thus trained in leading structured, inclusive, differential and creative learning processes by providing them with new techniques and tools that encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and provide structure to both classroom- and group-based work.

The thinking behind Design to Improve Life Education is that YOU – as a teacher – facilitate the process of creating solutions to challenges. To facilitate means to ‘simplify’, to help the students with a given challenge. At the same time, the facilitation also changes the role of the teacher – from being the academic expert to becoming the supporting and structuring process manager, without losing the focus on developing the students’ skills, knowledge and personal competencies.

In other words, the facilitation is about how you can create the framework and the opportunity for your students to find a solution to the challenge on their own, thus initiating a possible change in society.

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