The finalists for the next Design to Improve Life Challenge in Elsinore have been selected!

Congratulations to the following 21 teams that will take part in Battle next week:


  • Team 1: Children and the Elderly Having Fun Together by Hellebækskolen O.D
    “Many elderly people are lonely and in need of encouragement. We want to visit the elderly in nursing homes each month. We will make drawings, pick flowers, play games, do gymnastics, and we will sing with and for them.”
  • Team 2: Learning Zones with MI (Multiple Intelligences) by Tikøb Skole, 3.kl
    “School children learn in many different ways. Therefore we want to build learning zones where students can learn by different principles related to Howard Gardner’s intelligences. Each class can build learning zones in their own way.”
  • Team 3: A Healthy School Student – a healthy start school by Grydemoseskolen O.A
    “The class will inform future 0. classes and their parents about how they can have a healthy school. The class has produced an eight-minute video with interviews of students and teachers about healthy schools.”
  • Team 4: Family House by Borupgårdskolen O.A
    “Children are missing family time with their parents. Therefore, our class has made a model house to be placed in each home to indicate the need of parental contact each day. For example, if the child uses a sad smiley, it means ‘I need to spend some time with you today.'”
  • Team 5: Healthy Food for Pre-schoolers by Snekkersten Skole, 3.K
    “A fun game that teaches pre-schoolers about healthy and unhealthy food. Pre-school children will make laminated pictures of various foods and place them in the right box – either healthy or unhealthy. The pieces are made from pictures from magazines, drawings and prints.”
  • Team 6: ES Sport by Espergærde Skole, 3.A and 3.B
    “With their UNI-login, all pupils use the app ‘ES Sport’ to sign up and create play groups during recess the following day. Once you have signed up for a game, you can see the other participants.This design is targeted at both solitary and inactive pupils.”
  • Team 7: Dagcenter.dk by Tibberupskolen, 3.A and 3.B
    “Lonely and elderly people make a profile with Dagcenter.dk to be matched with school children volunteers who share the same interests. The student can then come to visit the elderly to do shared activities.”
  • Team 8: The Lunchbox by Hornbæk Skole, 5
    “‘Lunchbox’ is a transparent green, pink, blue or purple plastic lunchbox divided into a ‘y’ shape. Children must following the principles of ‘y-plate’ – which makes it easier to create healthy portions.”


  • Team 9: Reserve Grandson by Hornbæk Skole, 4
    “A website that helps older people make contact. Both children and the elderly register on the website, write about their interests, and they can meet and play cards, do homework, draw, knit or just socialise.”
  • Team 10: The application ‘Hey’ by Snekkersten Skole, 6.K
    “An app where ‘inactive’ individuals can can find workout buddies to do more exercise. You put up a profile of interests, so you can contact each other with training proposals. For example: ‘Hey, you with out stand on roller skates!'”
  • Team 11: Food-scan by Byskolen, 5.R
    “When scanned using a phone, the QR codes attached to food will show all the additives in the food. On the website you can read about which additives are harmful. They will be marked red, yellow or green.”
  • Team 12: Wheel of Fortune by Grydemoseskolen 4.A
    “Children are moving too little in school. 4.A has developed a wheel of fortune, which is rotated once every hour, and the children must do the activity that the arrow points to. Then their concentration is improved afterwards.”
  • Team 13: Stress Watch by Nygård Skole, H2
    “Children have stress problems. The ‘Stress Watch’ records things such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure, and then turns yellow when there are signs of stress, or red when there is an overload. The watch then gives suggestions for anti-stress activities.”
  • Team 14: Event app (Municipality calendar) by Tikøb Skole, 4.A
    “Teenagers are not exercising enough. Therefore, the ‘Event app’ should be downloaded by all students in Elsinore, and using their UNI-logins they can create events where everyone is welcome.”


  • Team 15: Healthy SMS by Hornbæk Skole, 7.kl
    “Families join the ‘Healthy SMS’ where they will receive a daily text message with a small task. It can be a walk of 2 km, or to replace Friday sweets with a fruit salad. After a family has completed a task, they will respond with an ‘x’, and when 50 tasks are completed the family will receive gift from the municipality.”
  • Team 16: Alko Watch by Hellebækskolen, 8.U and 8.X
    “The watch measures the blood alcohol levels of youth via sweat and saliva. The watch also has a GPS system so the ICE (In Case of Emergency) unit can find the wearer in case of any problems. The watch can also tell you if it is safe for you to drive.”
  • Team 17: Support Group by Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé, 7.S
    “Despite a free pass to do sport, there are many citizens in Elsinore that don’t play sport because they can’t afford the equipment. Therefore, 7.s will establish a space for sports clubs where people can drop off their used sports equipment for citizens with a free pass.”
  • Team 18: Healthy Canteen by Tibberupskolen, 8.Q and 8.R
    “The 7th grade classes will cook healthy food in the canteen as part of their ‘food knowledge classes’. They will then sell the remaining food via a student-app, so the students do not buy unhealthy food in the afternoon. The app also prevents food waste.”
  • Team 19: Weight Patrol by Tibberupskolen, 7.R
    “Families with obesity problems will receive a ‘living card’ from their doctors. It provides free access to sports and exercise events, as well as discounts for healthy food in selected supermarkets. The card website will also provide registrations for events, exercise plans etc.
  • Team 20: Media Tracker by Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé, 8.B
    “Teens get stressed from spending too much time on social media. Once the Media Tracker app is installed, after a certain period of time it will ask you to take a break from e.g. Facebook. If you do not take a break, it will make the websites run slower to encourage you to stop for a short period.”
  • Team 21: Brain Breaker in a box by Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé, 7.S
    “Students are not exercising enough. The Brain Breaker is a design that gets kids moving via short activities. It’s a wooden box that contains sticks with numbers on them. When needed, teachers pull out a stick with a number on it that refers to a Brain Breaker activity.”

Image taken at Elsinore’s project week in January, 2017. Make sure to tune in to our social media channels on March 9th to follow all the Battle fun!

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