Congratulations to Team 17, ‘Support Group’ from Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé, for taking out the top prize at today’s Design to Improve Life Challenge in Elsinore.

Once again, the talented youth of Elsinore designed some amazing solutions for the Design to Improve Life Challenge. But this time, their task was to help improve the city’s health. Over 7,000 kids and teenagers participated this year, but only 21 finalist teams were selected to compete for the top prize today.

As chosen by the jury, the best design solution on the day was made a seventh grade class from Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé. Their solution ‘Support Group’ is an initiative designed to help local citizens, who can’t afford the costs associated with sports, to loan equipment from others.

The People’s Choice Prize went to Team 13, the ‘Stress Watch’ by Nygård Skole. Designed to combat stress in children, the ‘Stress Watch’ monitors the wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure, and if a child becomes too stressed, the watch will send suggestions for anti-stress activities.

And finally, the new Communication Prize, given on the basis of the best communication material and pitch, was awarded to Team 2, ‘Learning Zones with MI (Multiple Intelligences)’ by Tikøb Skole. A project proposing different learning zones, related to Howard Gardner’s principles, to cater to the preferred learning styles of students.

Part of Boost Elsinore (Boost – Innovativ Skole i Helsingør), Elsinore’s Design to Improve Life Challenge is a fun and educational competition that empowers students to design their own solutions to address societal issues. The local youth formerly designed solutions to improve refugee integration – which led to some amazing results, including an exhibition at New York City Design Week.

All prizes on the day were awarded by the Mayor of Elsinore Benedikte Kiær (pictured far left). The third and final Design to Improve Life Challenge in Elsinore will take place this December.

Thank you all for your participation yesterday and stay tuned for more media to come…


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