Formal education often lacks imagination and creativity—the elements that spark learning and are essential for producing engaged, responsible world citizens. Too often online educational tools are read like textbooks and therefore fail to capture the excitement that motivates learning.

Edheads are committed to activate learning through interactive games available for free online. The games are designed to apply classroom curriculum to real-world situations. Edheads partners with experts at higher education institutions or with innovative, forward-thinking corporations to deliver the games. The games help bridge the gaps in formal education, reaching children who have trouble excelling in traditional classroom settings with games that are multi-disciplinary, fun and challenging.

Each game mirrors real-world dilemmas facing scientists and other professionals, thrusting students into the position of investigators, researchers and problem solvers. These interactive experiences demonstrate how science and math are involved in every aspect of life, and each activity involves careers students may pursue. Edheads has introduced 10 games that have reached over 54 million unique users, with two more games currently in development and plans to launch up to three more games every year.

The ability to impact students has been praised by educators, parents and partner institutions that have seen firsthand how innovative education can engage students.

Designed by
Gail Wheatley and Eric Bort (United States of America). 2009

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