Autodesk Sustainability Workshop


Tens of thousands of young engineers and designers enter the workforce every year. At the same time, they are often trained to focus on fixing small things—not to look at the whole system. Sustainable design is still completely missing from most design and engineering programs. Engineering courses focus on important theory and principles, but often fail to link theory to the practical and hands-on.

The Autodesk Sustainability Workshop is a teaching resource using videos, tutorials and case studies to teach basic principles of sustainable design and engineering. One video introduces an artist drawing ideas “at the speed of thought” as a perfect solution, engaging both the visual and verbal parts of the brain. The Sustainability Workshop can be accessed through a range of mobile devices. Using short films, a core of topics is presented about sustainable design; these are followed by more concrete tutorials which put the ideas into practice. A further benefit of the Sustainability Workshop is that the content is free to anyone, usable in multiple ways and easy to access.

The aspiration of Sustainability Workshop is to improve how students imagine, design and create our built environment. The workshop inspires and trains the next generation of engineers to incorporate sustainability into their design process.

Designed by
Dawn Danby, Adam Menter, Jonah Sachs, Jeremy Faludi, Eric Smith, Erica Priggen,
Ruben DeLuna, Juliet Unfried, Drew Beam and Katie Riley (United States of America), 2010

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