The 20 best green transport projects designed for the next Aarhus 2017 Challenge have been selected for the Battle finale!

Throughout the past month over 700 fifth-graders from all over the Central Denmark Region have been designing solutions to address the challenge: “Transport – focusing on cars” as part of the Aarhus 2017 Design to Improve Life Challenge. This year, students were specifically asked to tackle air pollution caused by the transport sector – a prevalent issue identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We received almost 50 amazing and diverse submissions. Our expert jury then had the difficult task of choosing the 20 best to participate at the Battle event where all finalist teams come together to exhibit and pitch their projects in a bid for the top prize.

A huge congratulations to our 20 finalists:

  • Team 1 – Car-free centre (Bilfrit centrum) by Mejrup Skole, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 2 – Self-propelled Elbus (Selvkørende elbus) by Mejrup Skole, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 3 – Windbreaks on Coastal Roads (Vindskærme på kystveje) by Sønderlandskolen, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 4 – Airbus  (Luftbus) by Uldum Skole, Hedensted
  • Team 5 – El Ole by Ellevangskolen, Aarhus Municipality
  • Team 6 – Seaweed Car (Tangbilen) by Mejrup Skole, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 7 – Bus Road (Busveje) by Mejrup Skole, Holstebro
  • Team 8 – Healthy Tailpipes (Et sundt udstødningsrør) by Mårslet Skole, Aarhus
  • Team 9 – NMC – Down with CO2 (NMC – Ned med CO2) by Saksild Skole, Odder Municipality
  • Team 10 – Get-Out Bike by Hammerum Skole, Herning
  • Team 11 – Car with CO2 Collector (Bil med CO2-opsamler) by Vium-Troldhede Skole, Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality
  • Team 12 – Making it More Fun to Ride (Gør det sjovere at cykle) by Ellevangskolen, Aarhus
  • Team 13Grandparents Bus (Besse Bussen) by Hammerum Skole, Herning
  • Team 14 – Team Public Transport (Team offentlig transport) by Lundskolen, Horsens Municipality
  • Team 15 – Excess Power for Carbon (Overskudsstrøm til brint) by Sønderlandskolen, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 16 – Carbon in Circuit (Brint i kredsløb) by Bording Skole, Ikast-Brande Municipality
  • Team 17 – Electric Cars and Electric Zones (El-biler og el-zoner) by Mejrup School, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 18 – Elvej by Sønderlandskolen, Holstebro Municipality
  • Team 19 – The Good Greenhouse Effect (Den gode drivhuseffekt) by Bording Skole, Ikast-Brande Municipality
  • Team 20 – El-road (El-vejen) by Mejrup School, Holstebro

The Battle event will take place next Thursday, October 13th in Odder. The winning team will take home the top prize and a Design to Improve Life Challenge trophy. Two other prizes with also be awarded based on an audience vote and team spirit efforts.

(Image taken at last year’s Battle.)

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