It’s been an impressive and heart-warming few weeks watching students of Elsinore come up with some great solutions to aid refugee integration – one of the globe’s largest and most pressing challenges. It was a very tough decision for our jury, but they have now selected the finalists to compete at the next Design to Improve Life Challenge Battle! 

Last week our jury were presented with an incredible scope of projects from all over Elsinore tackling the challenge ‘People on the run – from refugee to citizen’. In the design brief students were asked to focus their creativity on where they can make a direct impact, specifically, developing ideas to aid the local integration process. Almost 7,000 students participated, and the results were amazing!

After having a week to assess each of the designs, the jury selected a total of 21 projects to compete at Design to Improve Life Challenge Battle this year. Christian Donatzky, Member of the Elsinore City Council and Challenge Jury Member, says he was “very impressed with the amount of dedication and creativity”.

“We need children and young people who can think innovatively and creatively to develop our society,” he said. “Now I look forward to a closer look at the projects continuing on to the Battle.”

The chosen classes will now convene on March 3rd at Helsingør (Elsinore) Gymnasium to battle it out for the prizes. Three prizes will be up from grabs, including: the Innovation Award (the main prize chosen by the jury), the People’s Choice Award (chosen by the audience who vote for their favourite), and the Process Award (nominated by the project managers from the overall impression of the process, as shown in uploaded material and presentation at the Battle). All of the prizes will include an adventure for the whole class, which teachers and students can select themselves.

Thank you to all the participating schools, and a huge congratulations to the following 21 classes with their innovative solutions:




See you in Elsinore on March 3rd for the Battle!

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