Want to help improve global science education and diagnostics? Now you can with INDEX: Award 2015 finalists Foldscope!

Using origami to democratise science education and help tackle disease, the $1.00 Foldscope allows users to see the tiny – good, interesting and ominous – life-forms the naked eye can’t.

Made from a single sheet of paper, the Foldscope can be easily, cheaply and sustainably mass produced and distributed. Each has built-in florescent filters to allow easy diagnosis of various illnesses and can provide over 2,000 x magnification with incredible resolution (800nm).

But, what’s the best part of the Foldscope? Anyone can use it!

The Foldscope team are now working to deploy one million units worldwide to bring “curiosity, discovery and science” to everyone. And you can support this brilliant initiative now on Kickstarter.

Co-inventor of Foldscope, Manu Prakash, pictured below, has also been awarded a “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation to help with development and deployment.

With the broad distribution of the Foldscope, remote communities will have less travel and wait time for medical testing, and youth will have access to a real hands-on science education.

Moore Foundation: Foldscope from Kikim Media on Vimeo.

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