Freight Farms – Grow fresh food locally

The founders of Freight Farms have found an urban farming solution that can work anywhere and for just about anyone.

Freight Farms, located in Boston, USA is expanding the availability of fresh produce by equipping recycled shipping containers with the tools to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment.

To make farming accessible to everyone requires a design that will make crop production easy to adopt, easy to operate and easy to expand.

Freight Farms are modular, expandable, portable crop production units that can quickly and easily grow food anywhere. Freight Farms are easy to use systems that increase local fresh food access, create a local food economy, keep money in the community and decrease the carbon footprint of food production.  The system is designed to be largely self-sustained with rainwater reclamation and a full filtration system to supply the necessary water.

The electrical use is minimized by the system design and high efficiency components and will be powered by electricity from solar panels attached to the top of the freight container.  Solar energy will provide the majority of electricity that is needed while a traditional connection will allow the unit to be plugged in when and if necessary.

Freight farms have numerous benefits. In addition to being very easy to implement, they increase the amount of fresh food available in any given city, enhance the local economy, and keep food miles to an absolute minimum. They are also designed to be as self-sustaining as possible and use natural pesticides (like ladybugs) instead of nasty chemicals.

The containers not only have the ability to quickly expand critical access to high volumes of fresh food but also create local economies that can empower communities to reduce the global footprint of food in a sustainable and profitable manner. The continued operation of the first units will act as a catalyst for sustainable urban food supply.

The founders Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara have listed this truly life-improving design the Freight Farm project on the website Kickstarter (a nominee of the INDEX: Award 2011), in order to get the funding they need to lift off the ground. Feel free to visit Kickstarter for more information.


Via: Kickstarter

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