What an incredible finale for Boost: 21 teams came to compete, ten finalist projects were chosen, and only four winners emerged. Congratulations to Team 16 who took out the top prize!

For the third and final challenge, the students of Elsinore designed solutions to contribute to the city’s vision of becoming “North Sealand’s most attractive municipality for families with children”.

With the municipality’s motto “participation for all” in mind, almost 5,000 students throughout Elsinore designed solutions to improve youth access to culture, sports, nature, and art. We received a total of 58 submissions that were then boiled down by our expert jury panel to just 21 finalists – the competitors for today’s battle.

The solutions ranged from smart traffic lights to sports centres, friendship projects to Christmas initiatives for the town’s underprivileged.

The top prize, the Innovation Award, went to a 9th grade team from Hornbæk Skole, who designed the “Youth Activity House” (UNGDOMSAKTIVITETSHUS) – a series of mobile activity containers. Each district has a base of containers with basic facilities, the special activity containers are then moved around between districts to ensure that each area constantly has access to new initiatives.

“We have chosen this solution from the others because it’s most relevant in current discussions,” said Christian Holm Donatzky, Chairman of the Child and Education Committee, who awarded the prizes. “Young people are asking for places in the municipality where they can meet and do activities together. “The solution shows great creativity and flexibility, which benefits all young people in the municipality.”

  • The People’s Choice Prize: TEAM 11 –  Kronborg Castle Land (KRONBORGLAND) by Nygård Skole
  • The Communication Prize: TEAM 19 –  Tikøb Children and Youth Club (TIKØB BØRNE- OG UNGDOMSFORENING) by Tikøb Skole
  • The Support Team Prize: TEAM 2 –  Lovely toilets at School (DEJLIGE TOILETTER PÅ SKOLENI) by Skolen ved Kongevej

Elsinore’s Mayor Benedikte Kiær, the driver behind the three-year education program, was very pleased with the day’s outcome.

“We want to be North Sealand’s most attractive municipality for families with children – and what’s more obvious than asking children and young people how to create the best conditions for them?” she said. “I am very impressed with the solutions that the students have presented today and there have been many good suggestions for how children and young people can have a better future and a happier everyday life.”

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