INDEX just received a grant of 16 million DKK from the Danish Industry Foundation!

We are proud to announce that we have entered a four-year partnership with the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond). The partnership will strengthen current and enable new activities between INDEX and Danish companies, facilitating a more focused and enhanced effort to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“This partnership is a unique opportunity to maintain and develop the INDEX: Award to ensure it reaches its full potential,” says Liza Chong, CEO of INDEX. “At the same time, we want to bring Danish companies closer to the INDEX: Award and its associated initiatives. “This will strengthen their global competitiveness, improve growth and increase job creation within the companies working to fulfil the SDGs.”

The funding will be distributed over four years, from 2018 – 2022, and will be used to support a variety of local initiatives conducted and managed by INDEX. These activities include, among several others, mapping sustainability profiles across Danish companies, developing a knowledge platform, and rolling out educational courses for companies with a focus on sustainable growth creation and competitiveness.

“The 17 goals are becoming increasingly important among decision-makers across the globe,” explains Mads Lebech, Managing Director of Industriens Fond, who works with the SDGs through various initiatives. “The goals are aligned with Danish values and should make Danish companies strong compared to global competition. “But, this potential can only be fully exploited if businesses are supported in this area and this is where the new partnership will contribute.”

For the past 18 years, INDEX has been an industry leader with supporting sustainable design and proving its value to the world. Since the INDEX: Award launched in 2005, the international biennale has gathered more than 6,000 sustainable design solutions, resulting in the world’s largest archive.

The organisation has trained more than 5,500 teachers, locally and internationally, in sustainable design-thinking and also launched the first Danish acceleration program specifically targeting sustainable design startups. Most recently, INDEX launched the Design to Improve Life Fund, which invests directly into the INDEX: Award pipeline.

“It is important that we use this partnership to focus on how we can use the value of the INDEX: Award to strengthen Danish competitiveness,” says Jens Wittrup-Willumsen, Chairman of the INDEX Board. “This partnership offers great potential that will we can finally bring to life.”

For further information:
Liza Chong, CEO
T: +45 42 80 20 84

Download the official press release


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