INDEX has signed a letter of agreement with the Chilean University of Development (Universidad del Desarrollo, UDD) to collaboratively educate undergraduate and graduate students, as well as promote global development of design.

A broad agreement of academic collaboration has been signed between INDEX: Design to Improve Life® and UDD’s School of Design in Chile. Through the processes and methodologies of both institutions, the partnership will aim to promote and expand the global development of design, and its ability to positively impact people’s daily lives.

Within the framework of this agreement, INDEX’s Education Director, Lotte Stenlev, was hosted at UDD by Rector Federico Valdés, together with Alejandra Amenábar, Dean of the Faculty of Design, and Vice Dean Sergio Majluf.

“Based on this agreement, both institutions are collaborating in the development of new methodologies, sharing experiences and teaching material,” said Dean Amenábar. “The initiative will allow, inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to train agents of change prepared to attack global problems.”

“This link allows for important steps towards the construction of the next graduate program of the Faculty of Design, in which both institutions collaborate with the aim of building global innovation capacities in students,” added Vice Dean Majluf.

During INDEX’s visit to Chile, Stenlev facilitated a workshop for 30 teachers of the UDD design faculty, who were trained in the INDEX methods of innovation with a focus on the Design to Improve Life Compass.

Original article written by UDD School of Design, Chile.

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