The Design to Improve Life Toolkit is a collection of the world’s best design thinking tools with a focus on sustainability and impact.

The Toolkit includes methods developed by INDEX: Design to Improve Life® as well as other resources developed by Hyper Island, IDEO, DSchool, DIY and Social Lean Canvas. These tools equip entrepreneurs with the skills required to design and accelerate the impact of solutions addressing global challenges.

The tools are designed to drive your business forward and have been tried and tested with entrepreneurs. We’ve carefully selected and organized the best, and now we’re presenting them to you.

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The Compass

The Design to Improve Life Compass (the Compass) is a tool that integrates the three fundamental competencies of our teaching that has been developed across different disciplines for over a decade; Design to Improve Life, Didactics, and Process Facilitation. It encourages curiosity, engagement, creativity, and innovative thinking and provides a toolkit for ideation and development.

This toolkit is structured on the Design to Improve Life workflow which is designed to help you navigate, focus and stay on track in the Design to Improve Life process.

The Compass progresses through 4 stages:

  1. Prepare – Understand the challenge
  2. Perceive – Talk and listen to the people you are designing for 
  3. Prototype – Find your why – focus on the core solution
  4. Produce – Develop and implement through action


Tools to map the challenge and define the problem you are solving.
Objectives: Understand the challenge


Tools to iterate with the users, collect input and feedback and foster trust and openness for better collaboration.
Objectives: Talk and listen the people you are designing for


Tools to frame and define personal and professional value proposition
Objectives: Find your why - focus on the core solution


Tools to build and plan implementation, execution and supporting next steps
Objectives: Develop and implement through action