Kavita Shukla addresses the WTO today

Today, INDEX: Award Winner Kavita Shukla addresses the WTO as founder of Fenugreen and inventor of FreshPaper to spark debate about the future of trade in an era of innovation and digitalization.

Fenugreen Founder & CEO Kavita Shukla will speak today at 1PM at the WTO Public Forum – an annual event that provides a platform for public debate across a wide range of WTO issues and trade topics. Kavita will share the story of INDEX: Award winning FreshPaper’s global grassroots growth to encourage international policy makers, NGO’s, and multinational companies to address obstacles preventing small businesses and entrepreneurs from participating in the global marketplace.

She will speak during “Development in the digital age: How technology and the Internet are expanding access to the global marketplace,” moderated by Jake Colvin of the National Foreign Trade Council, alongside:

  • Johanna Shelton, Public Policy & Government Relations Senior Counsel, Google.
  • Alex Counts, President and CEO, Grameen Foundation.
  • The Honorable Mario Matus, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization, Government of Chile.

The Public Forum is an opportunity for the WTO to listen and exchange views with NGOs, academia, the private sector – with those who are increasingly participating in shaping the world’s economic and political environment. This year’s Public Forum looks at the future of trade in an era of innovation and digitalization.

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of entrepreneurship and international trade. Internet-enabled advertising, cloud, communications, e-commerce, payments, logistics, networking and search platforms and services are permitting entrepreneurship to diversify internationally, allowing small businesses and startups to become increasingly active participants in the global marketplace, and providing critical new tools to enable economic development. These developments create important new opportunities for economic growth and a compelling reason to rethink conventional wisdom about the costs and benefits of international trade. This discussion will explore questions such as, should entrepreneurs, small businesses and development communities care about global markets? What effect has the Internet had on global trade and partnerships? What obstacles inhibit businesses and entrepreneurs from tapping into the global marketplace? How can businesses and governments develop smarter policies to enable entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in international markets?

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