Kigge Hvid steps down as CEO

After 16 years, the CEO and founder of INDEX: Design to Improve Life, Kigge Hvid, is stepping down from her position at the Danish non-profit organization, which represents the world’s largest design award and promotes sustainable design worldwide.

In her announcement today, Kigge Hvid said: “I step down after 16 amazing years. In 2001, I was given the very special task from the Danish Ministry of Business to ‘put design on the agenda in a completely new way, make the world’s largest design prize, and brand Denmark’. I think that task has been achieved with INDEX: Award 2017, which raised design in Denmark to the highest international standards. I am very pleased to now pass on the baton to Liza Chong, who I have worked closely with for many years and for which I have great admiration. It will be exciting to see her and the team take INDEX to new heights.”

Chairman of the Board Jens Wittrup Willumsen said: “It is with great consideration that the Board has received Kigge’s tendering from the position as CEO of INDEX. Kigge is part of INDEX’s DNA and has been crucial for creating the institution INDEX has become. INDEX was born with great ambitions reaching far beyond the Danish borders. An ambition to create a design award that both builds on Denmark’s design tradition and embraced the need to focus on designs that solve the world’s major challenges. A courageous project conceived a long time before anyone had heard of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and before anyone believed that returns and sustainability went hand in hand. INDEX has helped to place Denmark in the middle of a new design agenda and we have Kigge to credit a great deal for this and we are deeply grateful. And now INDEX will continue to push the boundaries of what design can do, with a united board excited to hand the reigns to Liza Chong as acting CEO. We have been working closely with Liza for a long time, and she has our deepest respect, so we look forward to the renewals the shift will bring.”

“We are very pleased that Kigge has accepted to act as Chairman of a new Advisory Board, set up by the INDEX Board, which in close cooperation with the INDEX: Award Jury will support INDEX in continuing to be an international leader in its field,” added Jens Wittrup Willumsen.

On the occasion of the change of management, it is the INDEX Board of Director’s pleasure to invite partners, friends of the house and former employees for a farewell and welcome reception on Thursday, March 22, 16.00 at Frederiksholms Kanal 30. Please RSVP to the event here.

Further inquiries are to be directed to CEO Kigge Hvid, T: 61292004 and Chairman Jens Wittrup Willumsen, T: 23475640.

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