Peek Retina: Smartphone Eye Exams Could reduce blindness by 80%

Many of the world’s blind are only blind because they did not receive timely treatment or any care at all. This is not a matter of medical inevitability, but one of access.

If all people with vision problems had access to diagnoses and prompt care, 80% of blindness cases could be eliminated. The problem lies in the inability to transport expensive, fragile equipment to remote areas where no facilities exist to perform eye exams.

Peek Retina smart phone adapter enables practitioners to perform exams anywhere in the world, without expensive equipment or complex operational requirements. All that is needed is a smartphone camera, which, when held to the eye in combination with the adapter, shows a high quality image of the retina.

There is no need to carry props like alphabet charts as symbols recognised cross-culturally are displayed directly on the screen of the smartphone. The capability to simulate the patient’s compromised vision and contrast it with normal, healthy vision also exists simply by using photos on the device.

Once an exam is complete, the patient information is securely stored and shared with off-site professionals for later review if necessary. The Peek Retina adapter enables health care workers around the globe to identify, prevent, and treat blindness and other avoidable disabling eye conditions.

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