INDEX partners with Poznań Design festival to curate Urban Farming Exhibition.

A selection of our most memorable food and farming INDEX: Award solutions are currently on show at the Poznań Design Festival.

Launched on May 11th, the Polish festival “promotes design as a way of thinking” and highlights creativity as a key part of solving important social and environment problems. This year’s theme is ‘Biodiversity’ and will feature a series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops for children and adults and special film screenings.

Our own Mette Sindet Hansen and Vittoria Casanova attended the opening to present our Design to Improve Life philosophy and a sample of the cases that drive us.

Our Urban Farming Exhibition features 10 INDEX: Award winners and finalists including GreenWaveUnderwater farms that save rather than spoil our seasBeyond Meat™: ‘Meat’ without the cruelty and climate impactRegen VillagesThe ‘Tesla of ecovillages’; WeFarm: A global knowledge-sharing platform for farmersZera Food Recycler: A simple solution to combat food waste at homeSahara Forest Project: From desert to oasis: the project bringing fertility to the Sahara; Groasis Waterboxx: A vessel to help plants grow anywhere; Film Farming with Hydrogel: Innovative ‘diaper technology’ farming; Wikicell: Wrapping just as delicious as the food inside and Sundrop Farms: Growing where no one has ever grown before: Australia’s ultra-sustainable farm.

The festival will be open until Friday, May 18th. For more information check out the Poznań Design Festival website.

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