We’re sharing our knowledge in Chile this week to help the nation improve local recycling policies and processes!

On Friday our Education Director, Lotte Stenlev, will be participating in the “Design meets Recycling” (Encuentro Diseño y Reciclaje) conference to discuss opportunities to incorporate design into a new Chilean recycling law.

The new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) law will require local companies to recycle all lubricating oils, electronics, batteries, tires and packaging they produce or import.

The conference will bring together a diverse range of key players -such as waste industry representatives, government agencies, researchers and designers- to share global knowledge for the development of the new law, and to strengthen the local network prior to full implementation.

Lotte will be responsible for sharing our practical experiences in Denmark combined with our knowledge of global design. She will also present the Design to Improve Life Compass and various successful recycling and waste reduction designs from the INDEX: Award pipeline – including INDEX: Award 2015 finalist New Hope Ecotech.

Other speakers include the Chilean Secretary of the Environment, Marcelo Mena; the Head of Office of Waste and Environmental Risk MMA, Alejandra Salas; and Oscar Huerta, a leading researcher with a PhD in Environmental Design from the Planning School of Design UC.

The Chilean Ministry of Environment will leverage the practical knowledge from the network to design the labelling of recyclables, drop-off and collection points, certifications and reimbursements, and the overall systems to process recyclables.

We’re delighted and honoured to be contributing to this fantastic sustainable development! And remember, if you know of a great recycling innovation make sure to nominate it for INDEX: Award 2017!

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