The winners of INDEX: Award 2013 revealed at extraordinarily unique show

Okay, so we might be tooting our own horn here, but honestly the award show of tonight, August 29th in Elsinore, featuring the winners of the world’s biggest design award was by far one of the most spectacular ways of celebrating design solutions that we have ever witnessed. 

Tonight, the winners of INDEX: Award 2013 were revealed at a show that turned out to be a hybrid between live TV news show and a theatre production – complete with sound effects, lightning bolts and a composed news anchor, Steffen Kretz, who effortlessly guided his live audience of 1,500 Danish and international guests through a night of good news from the news channel ‘Design to Improve Life News’.

The unique staging of life-improving design news from all over the globe had it all: People eating grasshoppers, an electric sportscar driving silently through the audience, and HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark seated gracefully in the middle of it all, enjoying the display of unusually good news.

At the end of the good news show, the famous Danish news anchor Steffen Kretz, lifted the suspense and revealed the winners of INDEX: Award 2013 to the audience. And they were (in order of appearance):

Smart Highway – a Dutch take on intelligent roads of the future.
FreshPaper – a revolutionary and simple sheet of paper keeping produce fresh 4 times longer.
The Natalie Collection – a trio of birth simulating devices preventing child and maternal death.
Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan – the Danish capital’s pioneering plan of how to address the changing climate.
Raspberry Pi – a $25 computer aiming to digitalize the whole world.

Also, Smart Highway won the People’s Choice Award after a close vote on


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