So, we’ve launch our new fund, Danish Ventures – Design to Improve Life. But what does it mean for you as INDEX: Award nominees? 

By simply applying for INDEX: Award, you will be screened for potential investment. This means, not only will you be in the running to potentially win €100,000, but you could be offered venture or seed capital from Danish Ventures to commercialise your design.

Expanding our Investment Program has always been a dream of ours, and now with the establishment of Danish Ventures we can truly broaden our impact. As we have mentioned before, Danish Ventures are aiming to raise DKK 300 million, and plan to invest in approximately 20 designs.

Why did we establish the fund? Over the past 10 years we have seen an enormous amount of incredible designs that could change the world. But, due to a lack of capital, many designs were never came to fruition.

Recognising this goldmine of potential, we established Danish Ventures with our partners, Dansk OTC.

So, what happens now? Like usual, anyone can nominate for INDEX: Award, free of charge. Simply visit the nominate now page and fill out all the details. But there is one vital difference – it will now take 14 days before your design appears on our webpage as each design will be screened by Danish Ventures for potential investment.

Keep in mind, as a designer or company, you are NOT entitled to investment or investment discussions, nor are you obliged to accept Danish Ventures’ offers of investment or investment discussions. And, receiving funding won’t influence your chances of being named an INDEX: Award winner or finalist, or vice versa. The INDEX: Award Jury will be totally separate from Danish Ventures’ investment committee etc. They will not have contact, and they will not affect each other. We have created a code of ethics to ensure this.

Aside from this exciting new financial initiative to get more life-improving design to where it’s most needed, INDEX: Award 2017 will carry-on in spectacular fashion as usual. Awarding the best, sustainable and life-improving designs from all around the globe.

We can’t wait until the next award cycle and to see the progress of our biggest project yet. For us, this great opportunity will allow us to broaden our impact in making the world a better place through design.

Now, if the launch of the fund isn’t a huge incentive to nominate, we don’t know what is. Get to it!

Got a question? Feel free to contact us, or Danish Ventures.

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